Our Seminar and Course Summary

Listed below is a short summary matching your potential needs with one of our seminars:

If you are longing for meaningful enrichment, feeling empty, experiencing stress, needing direction, clarity, searching for your purpose, seeking meaningful experiences, a strong sense of self, empowerment and greater inner peace…. If you are ready to connect deeply with your inner being, develop your spiritual intuition and discover all of the powerful inner tools that came with you at birth and are at your disposal,
you will greatly benefit from:         


Meditation, Mindfulness and Intuition: Hearing Your Soul Messages

About this seminar: Intro your powerful inner toolbox, Meditation and Mindfulness teaches you how to come within, connect with and access the abundant inner spiritual assistance and unlimited resources of support, love, guidance, wisdom, life direction and inspiration present and awaiting you.  As you experience guided meditations, hands on experiments, course study, and begin to identify your inner world, your abundant inner spiritual gifts awaken.  Connecting with and using you powerful inner reservoir allows you to receive responses, guidance and support directly relevant and specific to your daily life questions, issues and celebrations!

If you are seeking guidance, wisdom, greater spiritual connection and knowing there is much more to life than you may currently be experiencing and if you would like to deeply tap into your spiritual gifts, you would greatly benefit from:


Transformation to Empowered Living 

About this seminar:  This workshop is a hands-on experience that expands on the material from Meditation and Mindfulness listed above. It deepens your understanding of your inner spiritual energy presence, all of your spiritual assistance and how to work within it as well as interpret it. You will do partner meditations, intuitive energy readings and soul connection work. 

If you are experiencing stress, overwhelm, struggle, sadness, heartache, pent up frustration, disharmony in your relationships, have problems that need solution, feeling lack, depleted, far from life purpose, desiring more, in need of confidence and  personal empowerment, want a deeper spiritual connection, ready to end negative self talk and limiting beliefs, and if you are looking for a life tool and meditation technique that solves your problems and gives direct answers relevant to your daily life issues, you would greatly benefit from:


Inner Sanctuary Training

About this seminar:  This course gives a powerful tool for handling all life issues, challenges, and struggles. Everyone loves this guided meditation journey where you solve problems, receive knowledge & answers, release stress & anxiety, find enjoyment and renewal, create all your desires and connect deeply with God and your soul. This course  is life transforming!

If you are often tired, depleted, in stress, ill, have colds & flu, lack joy, are anxious, feel anger, empty, at odds with people, in disharmony, have annoying friends,  have focus issues, feel isolated, are curious about your energy makeup, the whole of you, the invisible parts you can't see, your chakras and aura, want to know how your thoughts and feelings impact your physical health, and are looking for an understanding of why you experience disharmony, anxiety and stress, you would greatly benefit from:


Mind, Body, Spirit:  Boosting Your Health, Energy and Happiness 

About this seminar: This is an experience of your holistic nature - all of the layers of you - seen and unseen.  It is the study of our human energy system, how we impact it, and how we impact each other.  We look at energy itself, the 7 main energy chakras and 7 layers of your auric field.  We examine each of their roles, what stores in each chakra and your aura, how they become out of balance, how unresolved feelings store in your body, and how your thoughts and feelings affect the overall quality of your life and how you feel physically.  

If you are experiencing upset, stress, frustration, guilt, worry about the future, have negative self images, pent up anger, trigger easily, get down, lose your natural joy for periods of time, have repeated, unhelpful, unwanted patterns of choice and behavior, want a deeper understanding of why, seek freedom, happiness, balance and harmony, you would greatly benefit from …


Self Awareness – A Journey to Freedom

About this seminar:  This critical course gives a comprehensive understanding of what is truly underneath all of those negative thoughts, feelings, limiting beliefs and internal chatter.  It walks through why we have repeated, unwanted life patterns, times of great struggle and relationships that are less than dynamic.   It teaches how to get out from underneath it all and live a life where you thrive in empowerment, success and the truth of who you truly are as a powerfully authentic and unstoppable person!

If you experience anxiety, stress, fear, panic attacks or emotional distress, if you are exhausted, lonely or in depression and are ready for lasting relief, healing and peace, know that there is hope, healing  and beautiful remedy available today.  These highly courses will bring you what you have been longing for ...


If you are looking to find lasting peace and reclaim your life from the devastating effects of loving and being in relationship with an alcoholic ... if you are exhausted of the lies, broken promises, empty words and seemingly hopeless journey that has become life entangled with your alcoholic loved one, you would greatly benefit from:


Finding Peace & Reclaiming Your Life While Loving An Alcoholic

Though the alcoholic you love is ill, you too, must heal the pain, destruction and toll that has hit your heart and your life. This course offers new life perspective and gives you the tools and methods for sustaining lasting inner peace, clarity and joy during the most difficult of times. 

If you are feeling financial stress, struggling to make ends meets, unable to manifest exactly what you want, having trouble creating the meaningful, abundant life you long for, if life seems harder than it should be and the circumstances of your life are difficult, you would benefit greatly from:


The Law of Attraction and You! How to Create a Life of Abundance

About this seminar:  Based on the universal principle of the Law of Attraction, this course provides a step by step process for manifesting exactly what you desire in all areas of your life.  The Law of Attraction and You! teaches you exactly how to manifest these things, without delay, into your daily life.  Put an end to struggle, lack and longing now. This natural process was always meant to be how you process and enjoy your life!

If you are wanting the ability to bring greater health, wellness and healing to yourself, your family, your children, and your loved ones…. if you would you enjoy calming, soothing and balancing the emotional and mental upset that blocks and inhibits your/their vital energy flow and impacts physical health, you would greatly benefit from …


Learn Shamballa Reiki Healing

About this seminar: This energy healing course teaches and certifies students in all four levels of Shamballa Reiki Healing.   We ALL have the ability to heal ourselves, our children and families and our friends and the implications of this alone are breathtaking. This energy healing gift is not reserved for a chosen few.  It is within all of us for the awakening and brings enormous miraculous benefit to ourselves and loved ones. Become a Shamballa reiki healing master today!      

If you are filled with grief or going through the stages of grief, there is no need to suffer alone.  There is abundant healing, peace, comfort and renewal found in making your journey with others during your grief recovery.  You will quickly begin to feel the change that comes through support, hope, and care. We offer three different grief processing and recovery support options that you would greatly benefit from:


Bereavement: Finding Comfort During Stages of Grief and Loss   

About this seminar:  This is a one-evening workshop providing important information about loss and grief so that you have a greater understanding of the grieving process and the stages of grief involved.

Stages of Grief - Interactive Seminar 

About this seminar: is a 9-session series of interactive group meetings that gathers once per
month and explores important dimensions of loss, grief, and renewal.

Brown Bag Lunch for Relationship Loss (Lunchtime Support Workshop)

About this seminar:  It is often difficult to process the powerful roller coaster of feelings that come with the loss of a close relationship. After loss it is helpful to gather with others to process the experience.
In this lunchtime gathering group, we will focus on building resiliency in the face of grief and pain and
help one another to a fresh awakening of personal growth and renewed life purpose.

If you are a stressed Mom wanting to build a strong, nurturing heart center as the foundation of your family, if you desire greater patience, inner peace, joy, and balance, if you would like freedom from stress and rekindle to abundant joys of motherhood, you would greatly benefit from:


Brown Bag Lunch for Moms with Stress

About this seminar: The multitasking demands of motherhood can be exhausting and stress filled. Brown Bag Lunch for Moms with Stress invites moms to bring a bagged lunch and spend six 90-minute sessions with other moms in exploring issues around the themes of human energy, finding renewal, the meaning of life, and the fulfillment found in being the heart, love and core of your family.

If you are recognizing PTSD symptoms and have the desire to heal from combat related post traumatic stress disorder, if you are wanting freedom from flashback experiences, unsettling memories of the danger, triggers, increased edginess, difficulty relaxing and other PTSD symptoms, if you see post traumatic stress disorder wreaking havoc in life, you would greatly benefit from:


Recovery from Combat Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

About this Seminar: At last there is hope and healing for those who seek recovery from combat related post traumatic stress disorder.  Richer Life Journey is dedicated to helping people in understanding both their own PTSD symptoms and all of the steps in recovery, reintegration and renewal. With proven results, our comprehensive 12-week process transforms people’s lives in dramatically powerful ways while in a safe, comfortable, and confidential setting. 

If you are suffering from the devastating effects and trauma of sexual assault and seek healing, you would greatly benefit from:          


Sexual Assault Recovery for Women

Sexual Assault Recovery for Men

Recovery & Healing From Sexual Assault Trauma

About these seminars: There is hope. You can experience healing, recovery and renewal.  Using a cognitive processing approach, Richer Life Journey offers a highly effective 12 week program for healing and recovery from sexual assault. Take-home exercises are given at end of each session to deepen the healing process. In this course, participants experience dramatic transformation throughout the process.  Both women’s and men’s groups are available. Recovery is best done in a group setting, but private sessions are available. Call us today and begin your journey to new life.           


In grace and gratitude, Richer Life Journey is here to help guide, enliven and empower each wonderful soul we meet, one beautiful gathering at a time …

Richer Life Journey….                       
Providing practical tools and powerful programs that lead people to dynamic growth,
wholeness, and one’s own innate personal and spiritual power…