Stages of Grief and Loss - Interactive Seminar


Stages of Grief and Loss - Interactive Seminar


Experiencing grief and the stages of grief is a part of life.  We experience the natural stages of grief whenever we lose something important or someone precious to us. Grief hits us the hardest with the death or loss of a family member or close friend. Experiencing the stages of grief takes understanding, time and patience. Participation in a grief support group can be an excellent way to come to a fuller understanding of both what grief is and how you navigate your way through these difficult stages of grief. Working with a support group can assist you in journeying through the stages of grief in a healthy way, resulting in greater comfort, energy, peace of mind, and wisdom. 


Stages of Grief and Loss - Interactive Seminar

This stages of grief and loss seminar meets once per month for 9 months on a Friday evening from 6-8PM and is designed in a 9-month cycle of topics. The interactive seminar explores several dimensions of grief, loss and healing, including:

1.     Trauma, loss and grief
2.     Resilience and self-care
3.     Relationships and grief
4.     Goal: change, not recovery
5.     Grief and mindfulness
6.     Understanding depression
7.     What we think about death
8.     Adaptive and maladaptive thinking
9.     Grief, growth, and reshaping beliefs

The purpose of this grief healing gathering is to understand how to process grief and loss in order to grow in strength and resiliency. Sessions will begin with a short introduction to the monthly theme and then shared feedback and discussion will follow.

The cost for the 9 session healing stages of grief and loss seminar series is $ 95.00.

Reach out today and register to begin life anew through your healing journey.  Call 508-624-7700 or email

2017 Stages of Grief and Loss  Scheduled Gatherings:  6 - 8 PM

Jan 9th                      Feb 13th                     March 27th          April 24th

May 8th                      June 26th                    July 24th                August 21st

Sept 25th                    Oct 23rd                     Nov 20th                 Dec 18th


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