Who Knew?! The Intended Gift Of Intuition

Beyond Our Physical Body

If for a moment, we pause to consider the complex perfection of our physical
bodies, it’s not at all surprising to discover we were also created with powerful
inner attributes meant to aid, uplift and light us up during our journey through life!

But, for one moment, let’s first quickly peek for at our physical bodies…

The Complex, Intricate Structure of Our Physical Body

Our physical body is a symphony of intelligence that runs itself, heals itself and
moves through its day without needing very much from us at all considering
everything it does. Beyond our brilliant brains, we have 37 trillion cells, 7 octillion
atoms, 60,000 miles of blood vessels and 40,000 neurons in our heart allowing it
to beat 100,000 times a day as it distributes blood through-out our body. Our lungs,
which contain 300,000,000 capillaries, breathe us automatically. Our kidneys –each
with 1 million filters - clean 34 oz of blood every minute. Our joints somehow bend
the way we need them to and our eyes, with over 2 million moving parts, can
distinguish 7 million colors. We have our own personal waste system, a liver with
500 different functions and a miraculous reproductive system that, when we pause
to consider this alone, speechless awe abounds.

This short list partly illuminates the masterpiece that is our physical body, indeed,
a creation of exquisite perfection!

Intuition – A Purposeful, Intended Part Of Our Creation

But here’s the thing. We are so much more than merely the miraculous physical body
parts that haul us around each day in overdrive. As stunningly impressive as our human
bodies are, there's a far more powerful, mind-blowing gift that was part of our creation
and came with us at birth. We were not merely plopped down on earth with a “good luck
to you all”! Rather, we came with a brilliant internal communication system of intuition,
that when accessed, allows us to connect to our divine nature and our spiritual origins.
Here, we gain the guidance, direction, wisdom, and inspiration we need for living that
life of joy, meaning, fulfillment and success we all seek. Our intuitive nature is an
intentional innate part of our makeup.

We are much more than just physical bodies … and, we were created with an
internal communication system that allows direct access to higher realms …

Intuition As Our Ultimate Power Tool

This internal communication system or intuition as we call it today isn’t frightening, freaky
or far out. It's a natural, organic attribute of our being for use in navigating the decisions,
hurdles, challenges and celebrations of life. As well, it’s how we energize, fill our cup, stay
fresh, keep uplifting perspective, open our creativity, heal wounds, learn to forgive, and access
higher thinking as we grow, evolve and express our own unique gifts and authentic life purpose.

Outer Senses – Inner Senses

You have outer senses (sight, hearing and sensing) for enjoying and communicating with
the people and world around you. You also have inner senses for communicating with your
inner world, your inner being, your Creator and all the spiritual support that resides there
waiting to help you with practical solutions to your issues, questions, struggles or pain.
When you tap into your inner gift of intuition, you access guidance and information directly
relevant to your life needs … and it comes from the highest possible realm… the reservoir
of your own divine infinite intelligence stream.


Intuition As Your Brilliant Inner Compass

With this powerful inner asset of intuition that is invisible yet a definitive part of you, no longer
do you have to wonder, worry, stress or fear. You have an inner presence, an inner system that
is so incredibly powerful and interactive that, whenever you tap into it, instant solutions, direction, inspiration, support, love, peace and comfort come pouring into you. Life isn’t meant to be an
endless task, a grind, a chore, a stressor, a heartache or a drama filled event. It's meant to be a
joyful and fulfilling journey lived in the peaceful power and inner knowing that you have all that
you need right inside of you to handle and deal with ease all that comes your way.

Everyone Has This Inner Ability & Is Meant To Use It!

Know that accessing your intuition is not in conflict with any faith or belief system you may have.
Your internal guidance system is an attribute, a gift present within every single human being.
It’s how you were created and it is meant for your use in living a meaningful, productive,
rewarding, and joy-filled life.

Imagine how your personal life, your love life, your family life and your career could soar if
you fully leveraged all of the infinite wisdom and guidance you were meant to access?!

Spiritual Intuition:  Your Built-In, Hi-Tech Software Solution

This Creator-given, inner communication system that we access through intuition has
the potential to be your greatest life tool. It's the highest tech software solution available
today – and you already own it! Your intuitive gifts open the gateway to unleashing the
totality of your personal and spiritual power. Here, you create the life you love while
standing in unwavering awareness and expression of your true worth, purpose, value
and life contributions. Here, in ease and grace, you are able to share the immense beauty
and bring to life the gifts of your vibrant spirit.

Best of All - It Proves Itself!

The benefits and accessibility of your intuitive gifts isn’t something you have to read about
in a book, hear about from me, get from formal dogma or from spiritual leaders. This the
beauty of spiritual intuition. It's alive and present within you and directly experiential.
Intuition is intimate, personal and something you access through direct engagement
within your own true being. And, when you do, you, your life and the meaning and purpose
of it changes forever. Your gift of intuition awakens and begins to come alive when you set
your intention to connect and then take the steps to do so. It will never fail you…and, like all
muscles, the more you access, energize, and exercise your intuitive spiritual muscles, the
stronger they grow, as well! 


At any moment, you can close your eyes, quiet your mind, turn inward and discover the
totality of your presence as well as the immense care and perfection in which you were created!

Much Love and ManyBlessings,

"For It Is In Giving That We Receive" ..... A Contemplation on Generosity

In A Nutshell …

We are all on a beautiful life journey!  Through the highs and lows, the enormous joys and bruises, our intent is to live our lives well, manifest our dreams, enjoy our experiences and express our unique life purpose as we grow and evolve, both individually and collectively.