The Founders

The two owners of this organization, Pat and Molly Ryan, form a dynamic and powerful brother-sister partnership whose diverse, blended substance and expertise secure a solid foundation for an effective, meaningful and rewarding client experience.  Their wide portfolio of strengths, talents, skills and education coupled with their broad scope of experiences and nuanced perspectives ensure the highest level of competency and care. 

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Molly Ryan

Richer Life Journey co-founder, Molly Ryan, brings an astonishing array of gifts to the center.  Her extensive training and infinite care allow her to light the pathway to wholeness as clients heal wounds, gain new perspectives and learn to love & honor themselves more fully. As clarity, self worth and empowerment are restored, clients find new joy in living a life they love filled with happiness, peace and greater life purpose.

Her passion and devotion lie in bringing the vibrantly good news of hope and solution to all who cross her path as she helps them to recognize their infinite personal power, potential and worth. Her warmth, zest for life, sense of humor and insightful way open clients to a beautiful journey of healing, self awareness and life enrichment. 

Molly has earned a doctorate in Metaphysical Healing from the beautiful Delphi University and is, as well, certified in Counseling, Holistic Healing, Relationship Dynamics, and a variety of highly effective healing modalities. She is a Reiki Master and an ordained minister of Sacred River Ministries.


Pat Ryan

Center co-founder Pat Ryan served as pastoral counselor and spiritual mentor for the past 34 years.  As a Catholic priest, Lutheran minster and Air Force chaplain, Pat has worked with people of all ages in the toughest situations and helped them to find strength and inner wisdom to soar above adversity and flourish.  He is a highly decorated, widely respected healing arts professional with an impressive life career in counseling, therapy and ministry.  His impeccable reputation and rich contributions leave him an exceedingly treasured asset wherever he lands. His ability to inspire and motivate people to facilitate difficult change where needed is extraordinary.  His genuine warmth, his caring heart and his vivacious personality instantly draw people to him as a trusted and valuable source.  He is a brilliant counselor and an accomplished resource on humanity.  Pat holds a Doctorate of Divinity with specialty in trauma-informed care. He is a Reiki Master and an ordained minister.

Together in their dedication and passion for this work of healing the broken and creating an empowered world, Pat and Molly hold the opportunity to support clients in their spiritual formation and personal growth journey as an immeasurably cherished privilege and honor.  They invite you to the important work of self awareness, healing and renewal where exhilarating personal transformation leads to a Richer Life Journey