Counseling & Life Coaching Programs and Packages

Richer Life Journey offers highly effective one-on-one counseling and life coaching services. We help you unearth, heal and release old scars, limiting blocks and unhealthy life patterns that so often keep you from the fullness of a rich, vibrant, enjoyable life experience you love filled with happiness, meaningful relationships and abundant success. For details, click the image below that most relates to you: 

About our Counseling Services

Our counseling services provide relief, stimulate growth and bring healing to the many troubling issues, occurrences and challenges that one encounters in life. Through your focus here, you will claim greater self awareness, emotional freedom and a new path to living a life steeped in inner peace, personal joy and empowerment. You will be equipped to move forward in renewed clarity and truth on your journey to robust happiness and unstoppable success. Now is the time!

There is an initial, no-charge intake consultation where we gather important information relevant to you via an email form. This saves your counseling dollars while we build our understanding of you.  When you call or email to book your appointment, we forward this form to you.

Energy Healing Services

You might also like to check out our beautiful holistic Energy Healing Services.  They bring your energy back into perfect alignment, balance and harmony as every corner of your being is cleansed, restored and rejuvenated!