Mind, Body, Spirit: Boosting Your Health, Energy and Happiness


Mind, Body, Spirit: Boosting Your Health, Energy and Happiness


Everyone is born with a vital energy system that runs through and sustains your body and your very life.  Understanding this system, your energy, and what impacts it is crucial to maintaining optimal spiritual, physical, emotional and mental health!

Many external things can come at you and impact how you feel: a bee sting, a tick bite, an insult, a breakup, a cold or flu, pollution, etc., but there are many things we do to ourselves, often without knowing, that have enormous impact on our overall system.

Our thoughts and emotions, other invisible things, are also incredibly powerful. We know this because we can see what they produce in our lives, either positively or detrimentally.  We’re also familiar with energy behind our thoughts and emotions, particularly when they get away from us, become negative, unruly or fiery. When we hold in, repress or bury difficult emotions without healing and releasing them, they store within us and slowly wreak havoc on our body. Doctors often tell us anger and stress is bad for our hearts. We can break out in hives or get knots in our stomach when we are nervous or in anxiety. People suffering depression often endure exhaustion, headaches, and body pain among many other things. Many of these things act as early warning signs. Our bodies are like messaging boards telling us when something is awry within. If when recalling a difficult past event, you still have pain, upset or emotional response, it is present, storing and active in your energy.

Holistic doctors today know that certain emotional issues land in specific parts of the body and depending on where an ailment, illness or disease might be, it can point you to the specific area of your life and the thoughts and emotions you hold around it that needs help.

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This class teaches about the parts of your system you can’t see and it connects the dots on why our wonderful doctors often can’t solve some of your medical issues. Medication frequently seems to be the answer but many people find these meds only mask or numb numerous problems without bringing any true healing or resolution. 

In this course, you will learn:

  • What physical ailments tell us about specific areas of our life that need addressing
  • What physical ailments tell us about the state of certain inner thoughts and emotions
  • How repressed emotions and wounds store in your energy and impact your emotional, physical and mental health
  • How to pay attention to what your body is telling you
  • Why you experience those difficult thoughts and feelings that bring you down and how to heal them
  • How to stop the negative inner voice that governs your day
  • How you may be impacting the pure flow of vital life energy to you
  • Why you may often feel tired, sluggish or depleted … and how to cleanse and boost your energy
  • How your energy becomes blocked, imbalanced and out of alignment
  • How to fix those imbalances and stop them from manifesting into illness
  • How you might be allowing the energy of others to impact your system
  • An easy, natural and effective way for maintaining physical, emotional and mental wellbeing

Mind, Body, Spirit:  Boosting Your Health, Energy and Happiness  

1 evening class   6:00 – 9:15    Fee:  $ 97

Join us for this fascinating class!

2017 Session Schedule:

Jan 16th                        Mar 13th                     Apr 5th                           May 29th                        

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