Sexual Assault Recovery For Men


Sexual Assault Recovery For Men


Sexual assault is a devastating blow leaving pain, fear, stress and deep anxiety that can last for years. Left untended or untreated, the traumatic effects of sexual assault can cause the victim to be stuck in the energy of the assault-event and paralyzed from moving forward in life. The traumatic event of sexual assault affects many aspects of life and can, for some people, result in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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Richer Life Journey offers a highly effective program with proven results in treating sexual assault PTSD. We use the same tools recommended by the National Center for PTSD in guiding our clients to healing, renewal and hope. Our Sexual Assault Recovery Program addresses the specific trauma and helps the client to take positive steps in both understanding the full nature of the trauma as well as the vital components of moving ahead to health and wellness. The Sexual Assault Recovery Program is a series of twelve sessions, each session developing an important building block to recovery and wholeness. Our clients find that recovery from the traumatic assault empowers them with important tools in facing other challenges in life.

The cost for the course in a group of eight people is only $215 for the twelve sessions. To take the 12-session course privately, the cost is $1750.  Either way is effective for recovery from the traumatic effects of sexual assault.

Sessions are held on Sunday afternoons from 3:00 - 4:30 pm.

Your time for healing has come. You’ll be glad you took the step of starting your recovery to wholeness, freedom and peace.  Act today and reserve you space in one of our 12 sessions by calling us at (508) 624-7700 or email

We promise to make your decision a life-changing journey!

Recovery from Sexual Assault Trauma …...
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