Overcoming Depression, Exhaustion & Loneliness Today ... The Easy, Natural and Highly Effective Way (2 day course)


Overcoming Depression, Exhaustion & Loneliness Today ... The Easy, Natural and Highly Effective Way (2 day course)


Many things along the path of life impact the quality and level of your inner energy, peace and happiness.  More importantly, often without knowing, many things you do also hit your inner energy system hard leaving you feeling sad, depressed, ill, tired, exhausted, alone and overwhelmed.  The way you process life and the inner thoughts & feelings you replay all have enormous impact on your psyche, your energy and how you are able to stand in the world around you. Just think about how you feel after having a big argument with a loved one.  Or after you, over and over again, relive a long time hurt.  Or when someone hurts you with a comment or disrespects and dismisses you.  Or when you replay over and over again that negative video that lives in your head. Or how you feel when you live in the hidden thoughts of your own imperfections. Or when you wonder what’s wrong with you. You never feel good. These things often make you feel completely drained, depleted, miserable and low.

But where are the tools that can effectively put an end to the misery you endure?  

Despite what you believe or have experienced, you are prewired for happiness, peace and inner harmony.  You just haven't tapped into the gifts and tools that will bring you there naturally, easily and effectively ...

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Are you sad, depressed, numb, empty, heavy hearted, feeling broken or have the blues?

Are you stressed out, overwhelmed, overloaded or running on empty?

Are you anxious, fearful, filled with worry or have panic attacks?

 Are you filled with self doubt, low confidence, limiting self beliefs?

 Are you physically and emotionally exhausted, spend and running on fumes?

 Are you feeling lonely and isolated, believing no one truly understands what you’re going through?

 Are you searching for greater hope, meaning, purpose and passion in your life?

If you are experiencing any of these things, know that real, lasting healing is moments away and can bring you the happiness, peace, clarity and empowerment that is meant to flow abundantly through you.  The pain, stress, worry, exhaustion or depression is not who you are, it is just the result of what’s piled on top of you and it's the result of how you process your way through life.  Physical ailments and illness along with mental and emotional distress are gifts and signs from your inner world telling you that you are just out of alignment with who you truly are. It is a matter of pulling things apart and finding the truth that sets you free. Something deep within you is calling you to address and heal that which is out of alignment and holding you down. It's just about your answering that call.

Why You're Stuck
So many people go to the doctor feeling depressed, overwhelmed, ill, stressed, anxious and tired all the time only to hear there’s nothing wrong with them or to get a diagnosis that can’t truly be solved. Modern medicine is upfront about knowing little about the complex human brain and they try hard to solve problems with often ineffective numbing meds that never reach the root cause of the issues which is where true healing is found. That is why you never experience lasting relief or cure.  

New Hope, Lasting Healing

This program takes a different route.  This weekend workshop connects you to a reservoir of powerfully effective tools and methods and untapped gifts within you already, that came with you at birth, that were meant to help you rise and feel the happiness, empowerment and peace you are meant to live.  As hard to believe as that may sound, it is true, it is life transformational and it brings the relief and lasting healing for which you’ve waited so long.  You don't have to take my word for it.  It's not something you have to read in a book.  You can experience it for yourself right away and begin to reap the benefits.  This program opens a whole new life for you.  It let’s you know why you are here, connects you with your greater life purpose, reveals the deeper truth of you that perhaps you’ve never known and it awakens a new zest for life within you.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of your holistic makeup and a road map to optimal health in mind, body and spirit.  As you gather knowledge, tools, and move into deeper self awareness, you chart a new path to a meaningful life built on peace, empowerment and unstoppable success where you enjoy yourself and your life, where your relationships flourish and each day brings a rewarding, fulfilling experience.

From this course, you gain an important understanding of:

  • Why you experience those difficult thoughts & feelings that bring you down and how to heal them
  • How to stop the endless stream of negative self talk that governs your day
  • How to transform stress, worry, fret and fear into empowerment, knowingness and peace
  • How to find lasting freedom from your inner numb, dark and heaviness
  • How you are unknowingly impacting your emotional wellbeing
  • How to heal, soothe and restore your imbalanced energy
  • How to keep your energy and emotions at optimal health
  • How to connect deeply with the greater truth of who you are and why you’re here

Give yourself the opportunity to move out of the dark cloud and leave behind all the emptiness, numbness, sadness, depression, anxiety and loneliness. We would love to help you find your way to wholeness, happiness and health and it would be our honor to guide you on that journey.

 You deserve more.  You deserve to be free. Sign up today for this 2 day workshop!

Overcoming Depression, Exhaustion & Loneliness Today ... The Easy, Natural and Highly Effective Way!
A 2 day workshop    Fee:  $ 197

Join us for this life changing class!

2017 Session Schedule:

Jan 14-15                May 13-14                Aug 19-20              Oct 14-15              Dec 16-17