Finding The God Who Treasures You


Finding The God Who Treasures You


Many times people feel too separate, too distant, too guilty, too unworthy to reach out to God.  Why would we anyway?  Everything we’ve often heard is about a God who tests, judges, and punishes when we fall.  We’ve been told we have crosses to bear, rules to follow, holiness to polish.  But none of this is true.

When you are down, alone, stuck, broken … there is a loving God waiting to lift, soothe and comfort you.

When you are unsure, in need, in trouble, at a crossroad … there is a loving God waiting to give you guidance, direction and inspiration.

When you are whole, healthy, joyful and thriving … there is a loving God waiting to celebrate with you!

This course connects you with the loving God who awaits you.  It is time to throw off old harmful, negative, diminishing images of God and move toward what you have always truly known deeply in your heart … that there is a powerful yet tender force of unwavering, unconditional Love who treasures you and wants to walk every step of your journey with you.

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We have painted a picture of God that is all about the smaller qualities of humans.  Many well-meaning often say that God is loving but then point to all the ways in which God is wrathful, just, and sentencing us to ugliness if we are not perfect. 

But none of this is God.  We are deeply loved, meant to make mistakes, fall and rise in our life journey so that we can grow and evolve and move closer to who we truly are.  When we fall, we are held in the most tender, loving arms as we do.  We are deeply treasured, honored and cherished.  And, we are celebrated during our successes because it is in our joy, our peace, our exhilaration that we are meant to live.  We were created in perfection, just as we are, with our own unique and beautiful purpose for being born.  

Come hear for yourself the voice of a God who Loves you.  You came with a powerful, built-in inner toolbox just for this purpose.  We shall open this amazing gift so that you can know the purpose for your life, the love that surrounds you and the support that is at your fingertips…..

Finding The God Who Treasures You

  6:30 - 8:30      $ 40.00

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